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I created this plugin for my server, because we all have different amounts of time to play. I wanted to create an enviroment where every player gets treated equally. With this plugin you receive money when you are not playing, so you can buy your diamonds or whatever you would have mined in that time.


  • Pays offline players a certain amount of money (or diamonds or whatever your currency is)
  • Optional you can pay online players, too
  • You can change the amount of payment, the interval and the name of the currency used.
  • Skip players when they are offline for too long (if this is enabled, the user must be online during paytime to reset his counter)


  • Vault
  • Any economy plugin supported by Vault

Default Settings

  • currency: emerald
  • Quantity online player receive: 1
  • Quantity offline player receive: 1
  • Interval of payment: 3600 sec (1 hour)
  • Also pay online player: false
  • Broadcast payment: true
  • Broadcast skipped players: true
  • Number of payments before a user needs to login again: 72 (set 0 to disable)

Commands & Permissions

  • No ingame commands at the moment
  • No permissions needed

Known bugs

  • Comments in configuration file vanish after plugin is loaded. Please read/modify the provided config file before first start.


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