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Unified custom items list and parser

This plugin provides a dictionary for custom item names (cstairs for cobblestone stairs, wbucket for water bucket, dpick for diamond pickaxe, etc.) and groups (kits, whitelists/blacklists, circuit elements, etc.). If a lookup is performed for a non-existent item/group, it will throw an exception with the closest matching alias as the message.


  • Item groups - one word can stand for a set of many items, accessible to other plugins
    • Create kits for /give plugins
    • Create whitelists and blacklists
  • Throw exception with closest match when item not found
  • Multiple suggestion engines (using Apache commons-codec)
  • Utility functions - Provides enhanced ItemStack/Inventory methods (some methods may duplicate current Bukkit functionality that was lacking in previous Bukkit versions)
    • compare(ItemStack, ItemStack) compares ItemStacks for equality
    • contains(Player, ItemStack...) checks for ItemStack in Player's inventory
    • remove(Player, ItemStack...) removes ItemStack from Player's inventory


config.yml, groups.yml, items.yml


Items list

JavaDoc API

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