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6,352 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 12, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.3.2-R1.0
(Formerly known as "ntfwc's embedded block logger plugin")

An embedded database block logging system. 
It allows you to check and rollback/redo the history of any blocks, so you can identify griefers and
undo the damage they have done.

It requires and utilizes the Apache Derby database for the embedded driver.


  • block log query You can check the history of changes for any particular block.
  • rollback You can rollback the changes of any particular user over an area.
  • redo You can redo the changes of any particular user over an area.

Operation details

This plugin starts it's own embedded database upon initialization. It will store block changes in a table called "BLOCK_LOG_TABLE" in this database with the following values: (id BIGINT PRIMARY KEY GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY NOT NULL, x INT, y INT, z INT, username VARCHAR(16), worldName VARCHAR(40), block_id1 INT, block_data1 SMALLINT, block_id2 INT, block_data2 SMALLINT, time BIGINT) The database itself will be stored in a folder called BlockLogging in the plugin directory. The plugin communicates with this database asynchronously. Every block break and placement done by players is recorded. Note that this does not include changes performed by the server itself or other plugins, such as those done by tnt explosions. It will record up to about 10 block changes for any particular block, and once the amount gets to 14 or above it will delete older block changes to return it to 10.


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