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-Gets rid of those laggy orbs! -SUPER SIMPLE! (No config files are generated, and PERMISSIONS ARE NOT NEEDED!)


Hey guys! After creating the JailLikeHell plugin (, I made this plugin, the NoOrbsPlease plugin! You do not need permissions for this! This is super-simple as well! NO CONFIG FILES ARE GENERATED!

Why would experience orbs create lag on my server?

Minecraft processes each experience orb at a time. Let's say you blew up 50 creepers with a few blocks of TNT. Each creeper would drop about 5 orbs? Well Minecraft would have to process 250 experience orbs! And if you didn't pick up the orbs, Minecraft would STILL be processing the experience orbs! Now THAT's a lot of lag! If you don't believe me, try it yourself!

Forums.Bukkit.Org Link: The thread will no longer be updated. Support will still be given on the thread though.


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NoOrbsPlease v1.1: -Updated the plugin to R.B. 1337!

NoOrbsPlease v1.0: -Released the plugin!


If you receive any errors AT ALL, please post them here or send me a ticket.


-Team Shoot for making this plugin with me! (My modding team!)


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