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NoNpcTrade - Disables trading with the Villagers


NoNpcTrade doesn't need to be updated with every release of Bukkit.
It still works 100%.


Nothing special. It just disables the trading with villagers.
So there will be no emerald economy on your server.


  • Permissions plugin (OPTIONAL !)


  • Download the Plugin
  • Copy it to your /plugins/ directory
  • Start and stop your Server to create the config file
  • Define if you want to use Permissions or not (Default false)

Example/Default configuration

Permissions: false

  • Set Permissions to true if you want to use it.

Permission stuff

'nonpctrade.allowtrading' = Allows trading with villagers (only works if Permissions is set to true in config)

How to use

  • Just rightclick a villager and nothing happens ^.^

Little FAQ

Q: Where can i find help?
A: Just open a Ticket. Don't post errors in comments. And please leave informations about the error or what's happening.



  • Changed the way how the plugin prevents trading. Allows interactions with Villagers now.


  • Added optional permissions
  • Added config file for turning on permissions


  • Releasing the Plugin

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