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439 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.17  

Tested to work with 1.17.1



When creeper-block-damage is set to false this mod


  • Remove creeper damage to blocks
  • Remove creeper damage to hanging entities (such as paintings and item frames)

Does NOT:

  • Remove any other explosions damage to blocks
  • Remove the creeper explosion particle effect
  • Remove the damage creepers can do to players


  • creeper-block-damage - Echos the current block damage setting
  • creeper-block-damage [true/false] - Turns on (true) or off (false) block damage
  • cbd - Shorthand for creeper-block-damage


There is just one line of config and it defaults to this (after you have run the plugin at least once):

creeper-block-damage: false

Set to true (in config file or with commands) if you want to restore creepers back to normal


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