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695 Downloads Last Updated: May 23, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.5.2-R0.1

About developer and plugin

Hi, my name is Amar and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am Java and Python programmer. Main reason to start this project is my will to start using Jython. Many online friends know me by my nickname "Brix" (or Brixishuge in-game). This is plugin from series of "Informer" ones, which will continue to develop more in future... At the moment, I'm working on few of them, which will help players and administrators to feel more "comfortable" on your server.

What is "No Physics For Hanging" plugin and all about it?

Do you ever wanted to let hangings (paintings and item frames) just float in the air without blocks behind them? Now you can! Informer No Physics For Hanging offers you to remove physics from your hangings!

Dependencies and How-To use this plugin

Because this plugin was coded in Python, you must use "Jython" and "PyPlugin Loader". Place "Jython" into your "/path_where_server_is/lib/" folder and just drop PyPluginLoader.jar together with into your "/path_where_server_is/plugins/" folder.


JYTHON (Remember that you have to rename this file to "Jython.jar"!! )

PyPlugin Loader (I know that it says it's for 1.4.7 build, but it works like a charm on latest 1.5.2 bukkit builds too!)

To do:

  • Maybe rename plugin to "Informer Hangings" and recode it so it will allow you to stop other causes that remove hangings, such as explosion, entity destroy and more!
  • Suggest maybe?

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This plugin has two versions, first one is on English, second one is on Bosnian language. (Want your language? No problem, inform me!) !

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