Newfangled Sign Shop

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467 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.14

This plugin allows easy and fast creation of server sign shops with infinite supplies.


In order to create a sign,

  1. Take the item stack you wish to sell, and put it in your alternate hand.
  2. Place the sign you want as your shop on a wall
  3. In the first line, type "Buy" or "Sell" based on what type of trade you want to have
  4. In the bottom line, type a number that will act like a price.
  5. Finish editing the sign and it should update.

Setup Video


Required Plugins:

If you want to delete a shop, simply break it with a golden axe.


It is a very simple plugin, and as a result has some limitations:

- There is no configuration or permission system.

- If a player has OP on a server, they can create a shop.



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