Neo Arca's Dash

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.2-R0.3



May 28, 2014

Owner: themapexplorer

Neo Arca's Dash


Neo Arca's Dash is a little plugin which is make you able to dash when you double tab on your space key.

How this plugin works:

  • with the gamemode 2 which you are set in the loggin and anywhere until you are in gm2.
  • (This feature will be desabled in the future to work with the gm0 and gm2 in wg flags.)
  • the plugin make you push forward where you are looking on a setable distance.
  • Actualy there is no commands and no permissions.

Comming soon:

  • World Guard compatiblity: wait a bit you can set dashable region! ✘
  • Implement Config file to set the power of the Dash. ✘
  • Implement in config file the World Guard flag name. ✘
  • Implement a reload command and a strenght set command. ✘
  • Implement permissions to dash. ✘
▲/!\▲ But attention this plugin is for the server Neo Arca. ▲/!\▲.
This server has the full rights on the plugin users so you can't use this for comercial uses.