Last Updated: Apr 11, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.2-R0.3



Nov 5, 2011

Owner: spathizilla

MyWarp allows players to share locations with each other. Shared locations (called ‘warps’) can be visited instantly by other players using a simple command. Creators remain in full control over their warps: They can remove them, change their locations, or invite players to or uninvite players from using them.

MyWarp’s goal is to create a highly flexible system that allows players to dynamically connect with each other while being entirely self-managed. Once set up, administrative interventions are reduced to a bare minimum.

 Note: For Minecraft 1.12 please use a devBuild. A new Beta will be released soon.


MyWarp is highly customisable. Most functions are optional and are disabled by default: enable what you need, disable what you do not.

  • Create public warps, usable by everybody or private ones, only usable by the creator and invited players.
  • Profit from intelligent matching mechanisms that complete warp names while typing based on warps matching the desired action.
  • Use signs with buttons or pressure plates to create unique physical ways to use a warp.
  • Limit the number of warps a user can create — per type and even per world.
  • Charge users for creating, managing and using warps with the economy integration.
  • Make users wait before or after being teleported with flexible timers.
  • Regulate access to certain warps based on the world the user is in.
  • Benefit from an entirely localisable source that properly handles users with different languages on the same server.

And even more: MyWarp is open source and available under GPL3, adding your own feature is highly encouraged.


These list should only give you a brief overview over the possibilities of MyWarp. For a full command reference that includes permissions as well as detailed usage instructions, take a look at the wiki.

Usage Commands
  • /to|warp <name> - Teleports the user to a warp.
Management Commands
  • /warp create|set <name> - Creates a new public warp.
  • /warp pcreate|pset <name> - Creates a new private warp.
  • /warp delete|remove <name> - Deletes a warp.
  • /warp update <name> - Updates the location of a warp.
  • /warp welcome <name> - Changes the welcome message of a warp.
Informative Commands
  • /warp assets|limits [player] - Lists all warps owned by a player.
  • /warp list [-c creator] [-n name] [-r radius] [-w world] [#] - Lists warps.
  • /warp info|stats <name> - Displays information about a warp.
Social Commands
  • /warp give [-df] <player> <name> - Gives a warp to an other player.
  • /warp invite [-g] <identifier> <name> - Invites players or groups to a warp.
  • /warp uninvite [-g] <identifier> <name> - Uninvites players or groups from a warp.
  • /warp public [-f] <name> - Publicizes a warp.
  • /warp private [-f] <name> - Privatizes a warp.
Utility Commands
  • /warp point [name] - Points the user's compass to a warp.
  • /warp help [#] - Displays the help.
Administrative Commands
  • /warp player <player> <name> - Teleports a player to a warp.
  • /warp reload - Reloads configuration and warps.
  • /warp import current <url> [schema] [username] [password] - Imports warps from an up-to-date database.
  • /warp import pre3-sqlite <database> - Imports warps from a legacy SQLite database (pre 3.0).
  • /warp import pre3-mysql <url> <schema> <username> <password> <tableName> - Imports warps from a legacy MySQL database (pre 3.0).

Need More Infos?

The whole project is documented in the github-Wiki. If you still have questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us - either leave us a comment below or open a ticket.

The change log is available here.


The project was started as a Bukkit plugin in January 2011 by Taylor "tkelly" Kelly and later continued by Arthur "flames" Mayer. In early 2012, Andy "spathzilla" F. took over and was joined by „thee“ soon after.

MyWarp uses several open source projects including Google Guava, Apache Commons Lang, SLF4J, JOOQ, FlyWay, Intake and SquirrelID.