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  • Simple scheduled drop removal
  • Refined configurations to ensure nothing valuable is removed
  • In-game commands for quick removal
  • Remove specific items within a radius, or everything from everywhere.
  • Perfect for modded server such as DNS and Tekkit!


  • /mdremove [radius/all] <blockid:metadata> - Remove dropped items quickly
  • /mdshow [radius/all] <blockid:metadata> - Tell the user how many dropped items there are
  • /mdlog [radius/all] <blockid:metadata> - Save the locations of dropped items to a txt file in plugin directory.
  • /mdhelp - Display commands, syntax, and function
  • /mdconfig - Display config settings.
  • /mdreload - Reload the plugin, and restart the scheduled timer.
  • /mdauto [stop/start/get] - Toggle automatic removal, or get the state.


  • mythicdrops.* - Allow use of all commands
  • mythicdrops.mdremove - Allow use of /mdremove
  • mythicdrops.mdshow - Allow use of /mdshow
  • mythicdrops.mdlog - Allow use of /mdlog
  • mythicdrops.mdhelp - Allow use of /mdhelp
  • mythicdrops.mdconfig - Allow use of /mdconfig
  • mythicdrops.mdauto - Allow use of /mdauto
  • mythicdrops.mdreload - Allow use of /mdreload


  • interval - Integer value: Time between removals in seconds.
  • ageToRemove - Integer value: Minimum age of drops to be removed, so recent drops are safe.
  • specificBlocksRemove: Boolean value: Should only specific item ids be removed?
  • blocksToRemove - Integer List: Which item ids should be removed, each separated by a comma
  • specificBlocksIgnoreAge: Boolean value: Should some blocks be removed regardless of age?
  • blocksToIgnoreAge: Integer List: Which items ids should the age be ignored on, each separated by a comma.
If you find bugs or have ideas for features, pm me or email me at

If you enjoy the plugin, feel free to donate!


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