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[Q] What the plugin provide?

[A] With this plugin you can increase the slots of your server, even if your server has a slot limit! The provided slots are real usable slots, not any kind of fake slots like other plugins provide.



/myslots - Command to see the slots
/myslots [Slots] - Command to set the slots



myslots.use - Admin Permission





This plugin support 4 languages from stock:

  • Deutsch (german) - "de"
  • Français (french) - "fr"
  • English - "en" - default
  • Español (spanish) - "es"

The value in the brackets is for the config.yml

You can also create your own yourlanguage.yml in the language folder of my plugin if you which to use it simple copy another language file, translate it and set it in the config.yml


On this server usually can only 4 players play but with this plugin 500.


[German] (outdated)

Some hoster my handle that plugin as illegal, if you use it I'm not responsible for any trouble. Use it on your OWN risk.

If you have any problems with this plugin contact me please.


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