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Filename MyDog-0.1.1-alpha.jar
Uploaded by HeroGamers
Uploaded Apr 13, 2020
Game Version 1.15
Size 72.15 KB
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MD5 8ef725763aecaf1115d137049a9f8c81
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This release is an in-development release, and as such things might break. I decided however that the current release was way more buggy than this dev release, so here we go!

Thanks to @StrangeOne101 for the PR fixing pets teleporting to players even when sitting on chunkunload (PR @ GitHub).

To describe what's new in this release as well, I'm trying to work on a new teleportation implementation, that teleports your pets to your location in bulks/one-by-one, so that they don't wind up dying due to collision damage (like having 15 dogs in 1 block for a few seconds). Those poor puppers shouldn't experience that! But, for now, just take a few of your pets with you to avoid them getting suffocated, as the experimental teleportation has some heavy drawbacks right now, such as accidentally cloning your pets :)