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mwSchematics allows you to paste schematics using command blocks. It uses WorldEdit to do this. I created this plugin because there is no command in WorldEdit which can past schematics at a location given with a command.

It load schematics in WorldEdit folder (plugins/WorldEdit/schematics)

Old video ! (version 1.0)


<> : Required / () : Optional

  • /mws copy <schematicFileName> <x y z worldName> (relative -rel) (copyAir -ca) (removeEntities -re)
    • -rel flag is only supported by command block
    • -re flag entities list: all (default), minecart, xp, projectile, minecart, drop

      example 1: copy a castle ten block above commandBlock: /mws copy castle 0 10 0 world -rel -ca
      example 2: copy a boat race and remove all boats and drops in the schematic area: /mws copy boatrace 0 10 0 world -ca -re[boat,drop]


  • mwSchematics.admin

WorldEdit is required !

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