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Have you ever wanted to have multiple sets of rules for different categories? Well thats what this plugin does!

MultiRules adds 3 sets of different config definable rules that can be accessed by different commands. so far MultiRules comes with 3 sets of rules, set1, set2, and set3 but you can change their names in the config.yml. By default MultiRules comes with a general set of rules but you can change them to whatever you would like through the config.yml.

    ruleset1: (1)Be respectful    (2)No cursing    (3)No spamming
    ruleset2: (1)No griefing    (2)You must build 50 blocks from others
    ruleset3: (1)No giving out items
    ruleset1name: set1
    ruleset2name: set2
    ruleset3name: set3


  • /rules help
  • /rules [whatever name you defined under "ruleset1name" in the config.yml]
  • /rules [whatever name you defined under "ruleset2name" in the config.yml]
  • /rules [whatever name you defined under "ruleset3name" in the config.yml]

permission nodes:

  • Rules.set1
  • Rules.set2
  • Rules.set3


  • Add more sets of rules
  • Be able to change the rules with a command
  • Add tests to make sure new players read the rules

Known Bugs

  • None so far

Please report any bugs in the commment section and i will fix them as soon as I can!

I am open to any suggestions you may have for me to add to the plugin!

Thanks to crushh87 and raGan. for helping to fix a bug with the commands!


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