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MotdManager sample


version 1.41


You can change server list motd (displayed to the player before they join) on game command!
This plugin allows display random message with any formatting code!


  • Very easy to use!
  • Support Permission!
  • Support random MOTD!
  • Support coloring & formatting code!
  • Can show fake max server players count!
  • Replace strings!
  • Lightweightly!

Planned updates:

  • Add send motd mode (random/select)
  • Random color support

Please give me ideas!


  • Put the MotdManager.jar into your plugin folder and reload/restart your server.
  • Open config.yml and make any changes you want, then use "/motdmanager reload" command.


  • motdmanager.add
    Allow using /motdmanager add command! (default: op)
  • motdmanager.remove
    Allow using /motdmanager remove command! (default: op)
  • motdmanager.list
    Allow using /motdmanager list command! (default: op)
  • motdmanager.maxplayer
    Allow using /motdmanager maxplayer command! (default: op)
  • motdmanager.reload
    Allow reloading configuration file! (default: op)


/motdmanager Aliases: /motd, /mm

  • /motdmanager add <motd>
    To add motd to motd list (permission: motdmanager.add)
  • /motdmanager remove <id>
    To remove motd from motd list (permission: motdmanager.remove)
  • /motdmanager list
    To see current motd list (permission: motdmanager.list)
  • /motdmanager maxplayer <maxplayer>|disable
    To change fake server maxplayer count (permission: motdmanager.maxplayer)
  • /motdmanager reload
    To reload config.yml (permission: motdmanager.reload)

Supporting Color & Format Codes

Color Codes:

Format Codes:

  • &k Random
  • &l Bold
  • &m Strike
  • &n Underlined
  • &o Italics
  • &r Reset
  • &p Random Color (original format code!)

( Check: )

What's replace strings?:

It's constant strings for set dynamically changes value.

%verServer minecraft version1.4.2[%ver] Welcome to our server!
%playersOnline players count19Currently Online: %players

Bugs and Feature Requests:

Use the Tickets tab to submit any bug reports or feature requests.
Or Post them in this thread.


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