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ControlMobs 1.1

Mob controlling system for Bukkit

Hello, i have made a plugin for bukkit to control how the mobs behave. This is the first official plugin i have made and I'm open for improvements to the plugin


  • Controlling if the endermen can pickup or place blocks
  • Controlling if monster auto attacks you or only attacks when you attack them(You can self choose which mobs)
  • Controlling creeper explosion
  • Controlling monster spawning
  • Controlling if monsters burn when it's sun
  • Kill all mobs command


  • Possibility to disable player damage when creeper blows up
  • More, open to idea's

Download and sourcecode

Download: Button on the sidepanel

Source Code:


Just put the plugin file in the plugins folder and start the server


  • ControlMobs kill = Kills all hostile mobs(MobControll.admin and OP)
  • ControlMobs reload = reloads config(MobControll.admin and OP)


The configuration have 3 main "Things" to configure

  • AutoAttack
  • Enderman
  • Creeper

The autoattack chooses if mobs automatic attacks humans in range, when a mob has autoattack configured to true they don't attack you and when it's false they attack you.

The Enderman config chooses if Endermen can Pickup and/or place blocks, if they are false the endermen can't do it.

The Creeper config chooses what happens when a creeper blows, you can choose if the world takes damage with CreateCrater and if the player the creeper attacked should get damage when it blows up(The player damage is not implantet yet)

Standard Configuration:

  Creeper: true
  Zombie: false
  Spider: false
  Enderman: false
  Skeleton: false
  Place: false
  Break: false
  CreateCrater: false
  Damage: false


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