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Aug 2, 2014

Owner: GeorgH93



Minepacks is a backpack plugin with different backpack sizes, multilanguage and MySQL storage support. It is a simple plugin, but still has a lot of functions.

Now also on spigot.org!


  • Configuration
  • Permissions
  • Backpack size controlled by permissions
  • Auto item-collect on full inventory (can be enabled in the config)
  • SQLite/MySQL saving
  • Multi Language (English and German Language File included)
  • Support for MC 1.7.6 and newer (name changing / UUID)
  • Autoupdater


  • /backpack help - Lists all the commands of this plugin.
  • /backpack - Opens the players backpack.
  • /backpack clean - Removes all items from the players backpack.
  • /backpack clean <playername> - Removes all items from another players backpack.
  • /backpack <playername> - Shows the backpack of another player.


  • backpack.* - Gives access to the full MinePacks functionality. (for admins)
  • backpack.use - Allows a player to open the backpack.
  • backpack.fullpickup - Allows the player to automatically pick up items when their inventory is full (function needs to be enabled in the config)
  • backpack.size.1 - Mini size for a backpack, if the player has backpack permission he will also have at least a backpack with the size 1.
  • backpack.size.2 - 2*9 backpack
  • backpack.size.3 - 3*9 backpack
  • backpack.size.4 - 4*9 backpack
  • backpack.size.5 - 5*9 backpack
  • backpack.size.6 - 6*9 backpack
  • backpack.clean - Allows the player to clean their own backpack.
  • backpack.clean.other - Allows the player to clean other players backpacks.
  • backpack.others - Allows the player open backpacks of other players.
  • backpack.others.edit - Allows the player to edit backpacks of other players.
  • backpack.KeepOnDeath - Allows the player to keep their items in their backpack on death.
  • backpack.noCooldown - Allows to bypass the cooldown to open the backpack.

This plugin has a system to convert Minecraft usernames to Mojang UUIDs; therefore, it uses web connections to the Mojang servers. If you don't want these connections to occur, disable "UseUUIDs" in the config.

This plugin uses the HikariCP library, which includes classes for metrics (but requires an additional library to work, which is not included). All of HikariCP's optional metrics functionality is disabled! This plugin neither collect any data, nor dose it send any data about your server!

This plugin has an auto update function. To disable auto updating, set 'AutoUpdate' to 'false' in 'plugins/MarriageMaster/config.yml'.


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