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MCNet 1.2.2 Beta

MCNet is a Bukkit-Plugin which allows players to establish multi-server, redstone connections, provides a multi-server-chat and inventory sharing.

NOTE: This plugin requires PORT-FORWARDING in order to establish connections on different machines in different networks!

If you ran MCNet on previous versions note that you have to delete strings.txt and config.yml from the plugins directory in order to use 1.2. The plugin creates the new files automatically.


  • Wireless Redstone via sign.
  • Global-chat-channel which is only visible for players who joined the channel.
  • Inventory sharing.

Comming soon

  • Sending items (with vault support: also money) to players on client-servers.
  • A command to list all players in global chat and all servers connected to the main-server.


Setting Up MCNet:
  1. Just read the "InstallInstructions.txt" contained in the *.zip

How to set up a device:

  1. Place a sign on the ground (not on a wall(I'll explain that later))
  2. Write the following on the sign:
    • FirstLine: [MCNet:(IN or OUT)]
    • SecondLine: device-id (may only contain numbers)
    • ThirdLine: device-group (may only contain letters(upper- and lowercase))
    • FourthLine: device-password
  3. If you get the message "(Input/Output) device saved", it worked.
Remember: If you did anything wrong the first Line of the device turns red and you'll receive an error-message. The first Line turns Blue, if you did it right.

How to use the chat

Just type /mcnet join. You'll receive a message that you joined the global chat. Within this chat you'll see messages from everyone in the global channel, on every server connected to your own via MCNet. To leave the channel just type /mcnet leave. You can disable/enable the chat for certain permission-groups, using the "" permission-node or disable it completely by using the config-file.

Inventory sharing

You don't have to do a thing for inventory sharing to properly work, no SQL or the like. If you're facing issues or you just want inventory sharing disabled, you can switch it off in the config-file.


Uses the build-in bukkit permissionssystem
  • mcnet.admin - Grants you acces to all commands
  • - allows you to use the chat


aliases: /mn, /mnet
  • /mcnet start - starts the MCNet-main-server (Alias: "startserver")
  • /mcnet stop - stops the MCNet-main-server (Alias: "stopserver")
  • /mcnet cc - connects you to the main-server (Alias: "conclient")
  • /mcnet dcc - disconnects you from the main-server (Alias: "discclient")
  • /mcnet join - joins the global chat (Alias: "j")
  • /mcnet leave - leaves the global chat (Alias: "l")
  • /mcnet state - Shows you the connection state of server and client (Alias: "s")
  • /mcnet help - Shows a help dialog (Alias: "?")
  • /mcnet reload - Reloads the config file.

It is quiet hard to thoroughly test the behaviour of MCNet (multiple clients connected to one server) on just one computer. So you'd help me alot if you report any errors within the BukkitDev-ticket-system. To make the process of finding the error easier, enable debug-mode in the config-file and try to provoke the error, then send me the whole content of your console(from startup to the occurance of the error).

I hope you find MCNet usefull!



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