Latest Release Build: 1.0.3

About mcMMO-TagAPI

This small plugin utilizes TagAPI to give party members or alliance members colored name plates. When a player joins/leaves the party the color is automatically updated. Both of the colors are configurable.

Party members have blue names - color is configurable

mcMMO-TagAPI Features

  • Colored nameplates for party members
  • Colored nameplates for alliance members
  • Customizable

Bug Report / Feature Request

We try our best to perform as many user tests as possible, but occasionally bugs do squeak through. If you have found a bug, or perhaps just have a feature request, please create an issue on Github


Donating is the best way to support the development team and encourage us to devote even more of our free time to work on mcMMO. There is conveniently placed link at the top right of this page to do so.