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Have you ever felt that the amount of ASCII cows in Minecraft is severely lacking? Let me assuage that feeling with this mod that is based off the Unix program 'cowsay'.


  • ASCII cows.
  • Ability to add your own ASCII art.
  • Toggle the appearance of a cowsay message upon the death of a cow.
  • Have a cowsay command cooldown time.
  • Display the names of each cow in-game.

How to use:

  • /cowsay ['h'] [type] <message>

['h'] is where you type a 'h' to indicate you don't want your name to be displayed. [type] is the name of the cow (e.g. head-in), leave blank for the default cow. <message> is what you want the cow to say. e.g. /cowsay moofasa Fear me

  • To toggle the cow death message:
    • /cowkillsay
  • To set/unset the cooldown for using the '/cowsay' command:
    • /cowsaycooldown <time_in_sec>
  • To display the names of all the cows:
    • /cowsaycows

In regards to the cooldown feature, the default time is 15 seconds (useful for preventing spam). To remove the cooldown timer just set the time to 0 seconds (i.e. /cowsaycooldown 0).

Sample config.yml file

cooldown: 0

killsay: true

can_all_cow: true

cooldown: The default cooldown time (in seconds) for the /cowsay command

killsay: If 'true', the cowkillsay event gets triggered by default

can_all_cow: If 'true' anyone can use /cowsay, if 'false' only op's can use /cowsay

I am open to suggestions for new features, please comment in the forum section if you have any requests or other comments.

Check out the source here.

For more information, check out my main website.


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