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Generate maze's and try to solve them!, Will be adding lots of features!, Minigames, PVP, Rewards!


I am really close to finishing V2.0 of this plugin


Better generating that wont lag out your server when generating large maze's. - V2.0
Set Blocks Per Second rate of creating maze's. - V2.0

How to

1. First create a Flat world with a plugin like multiverse. Or stand on a large flat field on a normal world.
2. Go to the world and stand in the middle of where you want the maze to be created and do /maze create <args> (go to the commands page for args).
3. The maze will then create itself with you in the middle.


Config can be found here.


Permissions & Commands can be found here.
Commands and Permissions


Should work will all versions of bukkit.

Upcoming Features

- Adding Roof and Floor.(Done)
- Protect the maze - V2.0
- Command to remove Maze - V2.0
- PvP mini-game inside the Maze. - V3.0
- Rewards upon completing the maze. - V3.0
- Ability to save where you are in the maze and come back later. - V3.0
- Restore Maze to its previous state - V3.0
- Re-generate every x days. - V3.0

Please tell me for any more features!


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