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Chest lock | Block protection | WorldGuard addon | Awesome plugin! | Fully customizable!


This plugin simply allows you to deny any interaction with blocks in config. This addon is great replacement for LWC, Lockette (which abandoned!) and much more! MachineGuard support any block as well as blocks from mods, such as IC/BC/RP machines. In addition, this plugin allows you to prevent interaction with the blocks around the world, not only inside WorldGuard regions.

Blocks automatically protected in WorldGuard regions and only members/owners can access to it. But if you allow protection by sign, players be able to make "public" signs (any player can access to it) and "private" signs (only for players which specified on the sign, maximum is three).

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Configuration (for 2.1+):

# 2.0 just uses IDs instead of names like 1.3
enable-uuid-check: false
force-write-players: false
additional-protect: false
block-all: false
only-no-owners: false
msg: '&cYou don''t have access to touch this!'
msg-sign: '&cThis block is already protected!'
msg-locked: '&aThis block protected successfully!'
msg-unlock: '&aThis block is no longer protected!'
sign-block: false

Old configuration (for 1.1-1.3):

deny-ic-interaction: false
ic-list: []
deny-bc-interaction: false
bc-list: []
deny-rp-interaction: false
rp-list: []
custom-list: [23, 25, 26, 54, 61, 62, 63, 64, 68, 77, 84, 93, 94, 96, 107, 117, 120, 140, 145]
deny-lever: true
block-all: false
msg: '&cYou don''t have access to open that'
sign-private: false
sign-list: [23, 25, 26, 54, 61, 62, 63, 64, 68, 77, 84, 96, 107, 117]
  • enable-uuid-check: UUID support (if you have "online-mode=false" in, leave it false! Enable only on official servers (with "online-mode=true") with Mojang authorization! The developer knows better how this option works in his plugin)
  • force-write-players: if true - writing player on sign even if he never played before; if false - not existing players will mark on sign as "-" and will not be added to sign protection
  • additional-protect: closes GUI of block on player client side after 2 ticks - 1/10 of second
  • block-all: prevent interactions all over the world (not only inside WG regions). Useful for Adventure servers (for example, MineZ) for prevent players hide things in the dispencers (then to pick up) and prevent touching trapdoors, because it often used in buildings)
  • only-no-owners: enabling protect only in regions which has no owners, it useful when needed to make blocks will be protected only on spawn
  • sign-block: if you want allow protect blocks by wall sign
  • block-list: blocks to protect
  • blocked-sign-list: blocks that can be protected by sign
  • msg on Russian: '&cЯ не разрешал тебе сюда лазить!'
  • msg-sign on Russian: '&cЭтот блок уже защищён'
  • msg-locked on Russian: '&aБлок теперь защищён'
  • msg-unlock on Russian: '&aЭтот блок больше не защищён'
  • [Obsolete] ic-list: ID's of blocks from IndustrialCraft mod to protect
  • [Obsolete] bc-list: ID's of blocks from BuildCraft
  • [Obsolete] rp-list: ID's of blocks from RedPower
  • [Obsolete] custom-list: other ID's of blocks to protect
  • [Obsolete] deny-lever: do you want to protect levers?


  • /mgr - reload plugin configuration
  • /mgid - get name or ID of target block (at crosshair) and (after slash "/") of block/item in hand. How to use it: 1. Get block what you want to add in hand 2. Place it on ground and don't move crosshair from it 3. Type command /mgid 4. If you get different names or IDs (at crosshair / in hand) - add first to config 5. If you get two different meta-datas (name_or_ID:meta) - add second to config PS: often enough specify in the config only namr or ID without :meta-data.
# Examples:
- WOOL:0 # Only white wool will protected
- WOOL:14 # Only red wool will protected
- WOOL # Wool of all kinds will protected
- CHEST # Chests of all directions will protected


  • - access to all protected blocks without sign (even if you are not member/owner)
  • - access to certain blocks without sign (for example, access to Ender chest only for VIP)
  • machineguard.bypass.sign - access to all protected blocks with sign (even if your nickname is not on the sign)
  • machineguard.infdis - allows you to create [Dispenser] signs
  • machineguard.cmdblock - allows access to command blocks
  • machineguard.admin - ability both for reload plugin configuration and use /mgid command (version 2.2+)
  • [Obsolete] machineguard.reload - ability for reload plugin configuration (versions 1.2-2.1)

How to protect:

  1. Hang the sign on side of the block (or near) while holding Shift (sneaking) or on any of the five directions, the block must be specified in the config file
  2. Write "[Public]" or "[Private]" on the first line (without quotes) and players to give access on all the next lines
  3. If successful, first line of sign will colored in dark aqua
  4. To give access only to the members/owners, composed in region and no one else, just don't hang a sign
  • [Public] - everybody can interact with block (public protection)
  • [Private] - only players that specified on the sign, can interact with block (one per line, not case-sensitive)
  • [Dispenser] - dispensers will drop items infinitely (without removing from dispenser inventory)


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