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By the same author: DRUGS IN MINECRAFT - Stimulatory

Hello everyone, This is now my second server mod, made because I hate it when people spell like shit (call me a grammar nazi all you want). Thus I've created this plugin that filters out 90% of all the clutter and abbrevations, people use when chatting.


An actual example of the plugin

What it does...

Here's a list of what Lrn2spell does with each and every message (in order):

  1. Cleans up chat lingo. ("srsly" > "seriously")
  2. Removes duplicates of punctuation. ("hi!!!!!!" > "hi!")
  3. Adds commas after the first word if necessary. ("seriously you're dumb" > "seriously, you're dumb")
  4. Attempts to add verbs in common places. ("why you" > "why are you" etc.)
  5. Adds spaces after punctuation. ("hello.i am billy" > "hello. I am billy")
  6. Removes spaces before punctuation ("hi , i'm that guy" > "hi, I'm that guy")
  7. Capitalizes the first letter of every sentence ("my name is jack" > "My name is Jack")
  8. Adds dots/question marks if necessary ("are you god", "are you god?")

Future Plans

I do not intend on further developing this plugin. If anyone wants to take over this plugin, PM me and I'll email you the source code.

Command List

  • /lrn2spell - Enables Lrn2Spell in the chat. (Permission: Lrn2Spell.enable)
  • /lrn2stop - Disables Lrn2Spell in the chat. (Permission Lrn2Spell.disable)

Wanna help?

First of all, I'm not asking for money - I would never use a plugin as an excuse to make money, I do this for fun only. Here's what you can do to help, though:

  • Share with your friends!
  • Encourage server-owners to install it.
  • Make a YouTube video, or similar. If you make a video, I'll embed it on this page.
  • Providing constructive feedback, aka. giving me input as to what I can develop / improve.


  • Programming: Steveolay


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