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This is a very little plugin that can save you in a very very bad situation: Imagine you log in and your chunks are loading. Once you'll be loaded, everything you see is a creeper and hear the worst sound "sssssssssssssssss" and you can just click "Respawn" or ragequit :D. This plugin can prevent such situations.


  • Prevent mobs from targetting player on login
  • Make player invincible on login
  • Kill specified mobs around player on login
  • Multi-World(settings are not world-specific, but plugin can be disabled in some worlds)

Further explanation of features

Options to protect players

  • What does it mean to "target" someone? Monsters like zombie, creeper or skeleton don't attack randomly. They choose a player and attack him. Targetting is choosing the player. So if you choose to prevent targetting, mobs will act as if they didn't see the player. Target prevention is time-limited, so you have like 5 or so seconds, so you will not be attacked your 1st 5 seconds on your server. [This is the most recommended option to use]
  • What is "invincible" player? Players either in PvP or monster fight take damage(You all know it I guess ;) ). Invincibility option prevents any player who logged in from taking ANY damage (doesn't matter if from players or mobs). Again, this is time-limited option. [This is not recommended, because it can destroy some nice PvPing by players logging out & in to get invincibility...]
  • Killing specific mobs? When a player logs in and configured mobs are in configurable radius from the player, they'll be killed (players can't be killed). [Not recommended, because players can easily escape mob combats by re-logging in]


  • Multi-World features This plugin has only one global configuration, which applies to all worlds. However, functionality can be restricted to only some of your worlds.


Plugin will generate its own configuration file on the first server start after installation


  • kill-mobs = which mobs to kill on player login (available options are in the default config file)
  • kill-mobs-range = range of killing mobs
  • untargettable = how long should player be untargettable after login (seconds, -1 to disable feature)
  • invincible = how long should player be invincible after login (seconds, -1 to disable feature)
  • active-worlds = which worlds this plugin should be enabled in


  • Different features for individual permissions group
  • Suggest me some ideas!!! :D


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