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Create your own local stat database for minecraft.

IMPORTANT: LOCStats is an API not a classic plugin !

Plugins that are using LOCStats-API

Your plugin is using my API ? Tell me via PM or in the comment section :)

Plugin Author Download & Git
PrefixSuffixManager DiamondLooter Bukkit
Ancient (optional, in future versions) MysticCity, FroznMine Bukkit


Command Description Permission
/loc All you need to know. locstats.admin


1. Import the PlayerProfile with

import com.th3shadowbroker.loc.obj.PlayerProfile

2. Create a new object PlayerProfile

profile = new PlayerProfile(Plugin <YOUR PLUGIN>, Player <TARGET PLAYER>)

3.1 Add a new custom stat-value with

profile.setStat(String <PATH>, String/Int/Boolean/Float <VALUE>)

3.2 Get a custom stat-value with

profile.getStatStr(String <PATH>)


profile.getStatInt(String <PATH>)


profile.getStatFloat(String <PATH>)


profile.getStatBool(String <PATH>)

Or set/get stats from other plugins that are using LOCStats-API

Your custom stats:
  <Player's UUID>:
    Test: Testtext
    Test2: true
    Test3: 5
    Test4: 1.0


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All rights reserved.

Please give credit to me on your plugin site :)

InCode/InGame credits would be great but they are not required ^^

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