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92,038 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1


  • this is a lobby plugin it was made as a request for Mas.L

Next Update


  • /setlobby : set's the lobby
  • /lobby : teleport's you to the lobby


  • lobby.set : give's permission to use the /setlobby command
  • lobby.use : give's permission to use the /lobby command
  • lobby.sign.create : give's permission to create a lobby sign
  • lobby.sign.use :give's permission to use lobby signs
  • lobby.sign.break :give's permission to break a sign IF signprotection in the config is set to true


  • You Can Set The Message For If the Player Doesent Have Permission


  • You Can Not Have More Then 1 lobby
  • If You have Any Sugestions Please Leave Them Belowe
  • Sugestion For A New Pluign PM Me And Il Look At It


  • ==== What Color's Mean ====
  • red = under development
  • blue = going to be in next update
  • green = finished
  • ==== The Futures ====
  • Item Click Teleportation 0% done
  • Multi Lobby 10% done
  • Costum Gui 0% done
  • Signs 100% done
  • warmup 80% done
  • lobbymessage on/off 70% done
  • and mutch mutch more comming soon


  1. Line:Lobby's
  2. Line:lobby


  • if you already have a version installed follow these steps
  1. put in the new file
  2. delete the old config
  3. reload the server
  4. setthelobby
  • if this is you first use
  1. put in the file
  2. reload
  3. setlobby

=====Thanks For The 1000+ Downloads Guy=====

Guys Thank You So Mutch For All The Support And Downloads


  • Get 500 Downloads
  • Get 1000 Downloads


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  • Maintainers
  • Translators
  • Documenters
  • Testers
  • Feel Free To Apply!!!



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