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LiftPlates is a small plugin that provides moving elevators constructed with pressure plates and special control blocks. These components can be combined to create all sorts of contraptions beyond elevators, like moving doors and redstone machinery with longer-range moving parts than pistons can provide.

Full plugin documentation is available on the GitHub wiki


  • /mklift target up to create a lift controlled by the pressure plate your player is pointing at
    • Any block that is the same type as the block that the lift pressure plate was created on is moved by the lift.
    • To make a lift go in the opposite direction, just place it in the same group of same-typed blocks (within the lift radius, default 5 but configurable)
  • Step on the pressure plate to start the lift moving
  • Create a lift on a separate plate to move the opposite direction
  • Read the Special Blocks wiki page to learn about blocks that control the lift's motion from outside the lift.


  • /liftplates <reload|version> General administration command
    • /liftplates reload Reloads the configuration of LiftPlates Permission: liftplates.reload
    • /liftplates version Gives the version of LiftPlates currently in use Permission: liftplates.version
  • /mklift [location] <up|down> Create a new lift at the specified location in the up or down directions Permission:
  • /islift <location> Tells whether the pressure plate at location is a lift Permission: liftplates.lift.exists
  • /lslifts [world] List all the lifts in the given world. Permission: liftplates.lift.list


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