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I released a simple economy system, what can be used in your plugins You can just hook into LegendCoins API, and make coin system in your plugin ;)

It is SQL-based plugin. You can use SQLite or MySQL, it can be done in config file!


  • Double-Coins! You can set it to true, and get money 2x!
  • Days for double coins! You can set days of week, when double-coins will work! Counting days of week from Monday!
  • Lightweight and simple to use!
  • You can use it in your plugins!
  • Very simple API!
  • Rate for selling/buying coins or Vault money!
  • Rate is settable!
  • If you won't set rate to static value, plugin will generate it randomly from 30 to 50!


All the command list you can see here


Of course, permission list here

API for Developers:

Tutorial about Legend Coins API you can see here


All my plugin code you can see here

TO-DO List:

  • ???
  • /dev/null
  • java.lang.NullPointerException


Here you can see, how many players/servers using this plugin :)

Hope you will like this :)

Best regards, xBeLkAx.


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