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LegacyExp is a server plugin designed to provide complete control over EXP. The admin of a server can decide the formula used to determine the amount of exp required for every level. This system allows for TOTAL CONTROL over your players' levels.

Want it to make the player level up for every exp? YOU CAN!!!!
Want to make the experience required per level to be equal to: (pi + level ^ 1.945 + (446 / level) * x)? YOU CAN!!!!!

First recommended by UltraFaceGuy at: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-legacy-xp-customize-your-levels-formatted.87309/


  • FULL javascript scripting support for designing your own CUSTOM level formula
  • Fix: Fixes occasional graphical glitches that happen when a player's level is above 32,000
  • More features coming


  • More custom features
  • Custom level cap
  • Custom experience dropped on death
  • API for removing incompatibilities.


Set config to <default> to "default" to use the formula from 1.2.5
Set config to a script name to use your own formula


Please note the following before you install this plugin onto a non-testing server.

  • This plugin will override the current exp system and for the time being, it will reset all players' exp
  • Some people have reported issues with 1.3.1


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