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Get places more quickly and have more fun while your at it. This plugin changes pressure plates in launch pads if they are on top of a specific block. The launch pads will launch people at an upward angle in the direction that they are facing when they press the plate. This is helpful for moving people quickly along a hall of path. It comes fully equipped with customizable logging options. The ability to enable or disable the plugin functionality with in-game commands. And, the ability to choose the trigger block that has to be under the pressure plate.


  • /launchtoggle toggles whether the plugin is enabled or disabled


default config.yml for Launcher

logToConsole: false (Whether the console logs data on Plugin Actions (Mainly for debugging))

logToFile: true (Whether the a log file is made with data on Plugin Actions (Mainly for debugging))

Enabled: true (Whether the plugin is on and off)

debug: true (Whether the plugin outputs debugging specific data)


  • launcher.toggle
    allows for the use of /launchtoggle
  • launcher.use
    allows for the use of the launch pads


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