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This plugin adds the ability to create portal structures that link to each other based on the contents of a chest. There are two types of portals: default and global. Default portals will link from portal A to portal B and vice-versa. Global portals act as a central node for teleportation and can eliminate the need for /home and /spawn commands.


LapisPortals Logo

Tutorial (EN) (DE)

Permission/Economy (optional)

In order to use economy and/or permissions, you need vault and both a vault compatible economy (e.g. iConomy) and permissions system.

  • LapisPortals.create
  • LapisPortals.teleport
  • LapisPortals.teleport.lightning
  • LapisPortals.teleport.nosick
  • LapisPortals.teleport.nodelay


  • PortalMaterial: lapis_block
  • Price: 0
  • Lightning: true
  • TeleSickness: true
  • UsePermsAndEcon: true
  • TeleDelay: 0


For those who would like to contribute to the project, the source is now available on GitHub!


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