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KillRankSystem is a kill rank / ranking system for Bukkit and Spigot servers.

Created by ebildude123 (Weidi Zhang)


  • Players earn points by killing players
  • Players lose points by dying
  • Rank based on number of points
  • Shows in chat: [points][prefix] <username> message
  • Can configure groups + all prefixes + points required
  • Can configure points earned/list
  • Can configure whether or not deaths have to be because of killed by another player or not to lose points
  • Can configure to allow negative points from dying
  • Execute commands when promoted
  • Execute commands when demoted
  • Cooldowns so players only gain points every X amount of time for killing the same player


Requires permission killranksystem.admin (default: op)

Reload from config.yml file: /krs reload

Set points of another player: /krs set [player name] [amount]

Add points to another player: /krs add [player name] [amount]

Remove points from another player: /krs take [player name] [amount]



Donations are appreciated, but not required.

BTC: 1LiJCbiivdBjG6LP37egXpnrnAPLC6AzE6

Default config.yml

In case you accidentally messed up your config file, the default one can be found here:


Reporting Issues

Please do not leave a comment with your issue, rather report it here:


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