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Now with more experience while mining!

by Kalman Olah

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What is OKOreXP?
OKOreXP is a simple plugin which allows you to add the chance of experience drops to block break events. Simply put, it lets you define a chance for a set amount of experience to spawn when breaking specific blocks.
This plugin was made at the request of @Brock Blocking Samson.

Usage, Commands and Permissions
Permissions nodes:
okorexp.use - Allows you to receive experience orb drops when mining specific blocks.
okorexp.place - Allows you to place blocks listed in the OKOreXP configuration file(This way people can't harvest experience orbs).
okorexp.noloss - Allows you to not lose experience when placing blocks listed in the OKOreXP configuration file(Prevents orb farming).

/okorexp reload - Reloads the configuration file.
Permissions node: okorexp.reload

GitHub page(Fork me!)
Dynamic alternate download link
Example configuration
Original request thread


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