Jungle Run

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2016 Game Version: 1.8



Jul 27, 2016

Owner: _ForgeUser24236021

Jungle Run is a type of game based on a Runner in the jungle. You must escape the gorilla (Wolf) in order to beat the game. There will be different levels, create your on maps, and more.


jr help - Displays help menu.

jr create - Creates a new world for your map.

jr delete - Deletes a map

jr join (map) - allowed you to join a map

jr leave - Leaves the current map and teleports you to spawn.

jr setborders (Wall) - Sets a border for the map so players cant escape

jr admin - displays admin commands


Default is wolf, but you can change the type of animal (mob) that chases you.

You can change the speed of how fast the mob goes.

You can change the prefix of the plugin in the messages.yml


junglerun.join junglerun.leave junglerun.admin junglerun.setup

Have fun with Jungle Run

EDIT 1: File is being waited for aprooval.


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