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With this plugin, you can create blocks that are constantly jumping. I first created this for my server, but decided to make it public.

The plugin can be used to create chaotic fountains with blocks shooting into the air, or regular patterns of blocks jumping in place.



  1. Download the plugin and put it in your plugins folder
  2. Restart the server
  3. Type: /jumpingblock create <block type ID>



  • jumpingblock.create
  • jumpingblock.delete



  • /jumpingblock - Help page
  • /jumpingblock create <block type ID> - Create a jumping block
  • /jumpingblock delete <JumpingBlock ID> - Delete a jumping block
  • /jumpingblock deletelast - Delete the most recent jumping block



None that I know of. If you find one, submit a ticket.

Upcoming Features:


  • Set the speed - ADDED IN V1.3
  • Set the direction (and randomness) - ADDED IN V1.3
  • Set the delay - ADDED IN V1.3

If you want other features, submit a ticket.



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