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JPanel - A plugin based web panel for Bukkit

What is this?

JPanel is a plugin based control panel for your minecraft server. It is viewable within a web browser, and does not require running any external web servers, or knowledge of PHP or databases. This plugin is in beta, and has a number of key features, including:

  • A live view of the server console
  • Live view of the server ram usage, cpu usage and ticks per second
  • User permissions
  • Modify player groups (requires vault)
  • Easily kick or ban online players (not currently implemented in new player manager)
  • Manage server files
  • Passwords hashed with a salt

Before installing



Since this plugin doesn't require anything else other than the Bukkit server, installation is extremely easy

  1. Put the plugin jar file in your plugins folder
  2. Restart the server
  3. Ensure that port 4567 are port forwarded (this can be tested with this tool here)
  4. In the server console, use /addlogin <username> <password> to add a user to the panel
  5. OPTIONAL: Stop the server and edit the config file to allow you access to the JPanel features

For developers

As of JPanel Beta 5, you can now add pages to the panel. For more information, please see the guide.


  • /addlogin <username> <passsword> - allows you to add a user to a panel
  • /passwd <username> <oldpassword> <newpassword> - change the password of a user

All commands can only be executed through the console, either via JPanel or a standard minecraft console.

HTTPS support

In the latest beta (Beta 6) I've added standalone https support! This requires some configuration.

  1. First, you'll need to put a keystore file in the JPanel folder. You can either attempt to generate one using these instructions or download a premade keystore file from here. The pre-made keystore has an unsigned certificate that'll get you going with security warnings in most browsers, so isn't recommended unless you can't use an actual certificate.

  2. Stop the server, and enter the name of the keystore file (with file extension) under keystore-name and the password for the keystore file under keystore-password in the JPanel config.yml. If you're using the premade keystore, use the password 'password' (ultra secure).

  3. Restart the server, then access the panel normally except with https.

HTTPS should now be working!

Panel Permissions

  • canEditFiles - allows a JPanel user to edit files
  • canChangeGroups - allows a JPanel user to change the groups of a user
  • canSendCommands - allows a JPanel user to send commands through the console

These are modified through the config file. Once modified, restart the server.

Non browser Clients

I'm developing a series of apps that you can use to access the panel. Currently, there is an app for windows 10.

Source Code

All source code is avaliable on github, check it out!


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