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Warning! This plugin is still in development and many of the featured advertised here will not work yet. Please see the changelog for each release to see, what features have already been implemented

jDynaEcon is a unique Bukkit/Spigot plugin adding real-life-like economy to the game. That includes: P2P transactions, P2S and P2P shops, real-time price fluctuation based on demand and supply and more!

Have you ever tried to create a realistic economy based server but failed on the effort to achieve a more realistic economical model affected by inflation? We have. That’s what led to the creation of this plugin, that will help you achieve exactly that.

The main features include:
* Price fluctuation based on the demand and supply of individual commodities (in-game items and materials) * Server-to-player and player-to-player item shops * Direct player-to-player payments * (In future) Web-based administration tool * (In future) Advanced hosted economical analytics tools * (In future) Transaction logging, graphing and more. Stay tuned!

Please visit our Wiki for more information!


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