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With ItemWorth you can set the worth of items, and on right click players will receive money equivalent to the item's worth. For example: Joe has an item that is worth $150. He then right clicks with the item in hand. The item is consumed and Joe gets $150.


  • Vault
  • A Vault compatible economy plugin (iConomy, Essentials, Accentials)


  • /iw - The base command for the plugin
  • /iw set <amount> - Sets the worth of an item in hand
  • /iw give <player> <item> <worth> - Gives the player the item that has the specified worth. Example: "/iw give Joe DIAMOND 50" gives the player Joe a diamond worth $50


  • iw.use - Allows the player, on right click, to get what the item is worth in money
  • iw.set - Allows the player to use the command /iw set
  • iw.give - Allows the player to use the command /iw give

The player messages are customizable in the config! Bugs? Glitches? Feature requests? PM me :)


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