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ItemSlots is a mod that allows the player to bet items in a slot machine. A machine is built using the steps below. The player places items they want to bet in the dispenser and pulls the lever. When the lever is activated the lamp flashes. If the player wins the payout is dropped at the player's feet. If the player loses the items are lost.


To build a machine.

Ops and players with permission can build.

  • Build the frame out of any material.
  • Place dispenser and lever.
  • Place a blank sign for default odds and payout.
  • Or place a sign with custom odds on the second line, payout on third. Any blank lines will be filled with defaults
  • Place redstone lamp.

Sign Setup

What the lines on the sign mean:

Line 1: Marker Line, this tells the plugin this sign is for a slot machine. Default [777]

Line 2: Odds, Percentile odds of winning

Line 3: Pay out, Winnings = pay out * wager


To use, right click lever.

Break Down

To break the machine down, break the lamp first.


  • A sign must be placed on the machine defining the odds.
  • If a blank sign is placed default odds and payout will be assigned.
  • Place items are placed in the dispenser
  • To destroy a machine break the redstone lamp first


Default: anyone can use a machine, build and destroy are op only.

  • ItemSlots.*
  • ItemSlots.use
  • ItemSlots.destroy


  • Build message
  • Destroy message
  • Win message
  • Lose message
  • Max payout
  • Max odds
  • Base payout
  • Base odds
  • Machine marker

To Do

These are the things we plan to do

Implement vault for economy support.


Known Bugs

The sign bug should be fixed now.


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