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This is a complete remake of the plugin ItemScanner. ItemScan creates a chest that checks all items within a certain radius to it. If an item is found that matches an item allready in the chest, it is deleted and all switches around the chest are toggled after a user specified delay for a user specified pulse. They are then toggled again and left in the off position untill another item of the correct type enters the chest's radius.


defaultamount: the default amount of items required to activate a scanner

defaultpulse: the default amount of pseudo ticks to turn the chest on - 1 pseudo tick = 10 game ticks = 5 redstone ticks= .5 seconds

defaultdelay: the default amount of pseudo ticks to wait before the pulse


  • scanner.scan:
    • description: Allows user to make/remove/set their own scanners
    • default: true
  • scanner.admin:
    • description: Allows users to remove/set other peoples scanners, as well as save and load the scanner list
    • default: op



  • create [amount] [pulse] [delay] - must be looking at a chest
  • remove - must be looking at an existing scanner
  • set - must be looking at an existing scanner
    • amount [number] (1)
    • pulse [number] (5)
    • delay [number] (10)
    • keep [true/false] (false)

You must stand on the block directly next to the chest and look at the chest for commands to work.


  • Chests keep items
  • Activate plain redstone
  • Let user set absorb radius
  • Feel free to request more


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