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Itemizer is a lightweight plugin for editing item metadata values such as "Name" and "Lore". It is designed to help server owners get the most out of Minecraft's new map making features without making it a hassle.


  • Name items!
  • Give your items lore!
  • Clear item metadata!
  • Supports color codes(&1, &2, &a, &b, &n, &m, etc.)!
  • Title a book!
  • Set the author of a book!
  • Name a skull!
  • Add custom potion effects!
  • Add item attributes!
  • Extremely lightweight!
  • Easy to use!

Command and Permissions

/itemizer helpShows the Itemizer help menu
/itemizer name <name>itemizer.nameNames the item in your hand
/itemizer lore <lore>itemizer.loreSets the lore of the item in your hand
/itemizer advloreitemizer.loreShows the adv. lore help menu
/itemizer advlore add <lore>itemizer.loreAdds a line of lore to the end of the item's lore
/itemizer advlore remove <index>itemizer.loreRemoves the specified line of lore from the item's lore. The index is the line number.
/itemizer advlore change <index> <lore>itemizer.loreChanges the line of lore at the specified line number.
/itemizer potionitemizer.potionShows the potion help menu
/itemizer potion add <type> [level] <seconds>itemizer.potionAdds a custom potion effect to the potion in your hand
/itemizer potion remove <type>itemizer.potionRemoves a custom potion effect from the potion in your hand
/itemizer potion listitemizer.potionLists all potion effects in Minecraft with their Bukkit names
/itemizer attritemizer.attributeShows the attribute help menu
/itemizer attr add <name> <type> <strength> [operation]itemizer.attributeAdds an attribute to the item in your hand with the specified type and strength. Operation can be add, addmultiplier, or multiplier. See the Minecraft wiki attribute page for more information.
/itemizer attr remove <name>itemizer.attributeRemoves the specified attribute from the item in your hand
/itemizer attr listitemizer.attributeLists all the attributes of the item in your hand
/itemizer attr listallitemizer.attributeLists all attributes supported by Itemizer
/itemizer title <title>itemizer.titleSets the title of the book in your hand
/itemizer author <author>itemizer.authorSets the author of the book in your hand
/itemizer clearallitemizer.clearClears all the metadata of the item in your hand
/itemizer clear <types...>itemizer.clearClears the specified metadata of the item in your hand
Supported types: lore, name, head
/itemizer head <name>itemizer.headSets the player of the head in your hand

All the lore adding/insertion commands support line breaks(\n).

Download and Progress

Latest version: 1.4.5
Download the latest version here! Alternatively, you can see all versions here.

Looking for source code? Find it here!


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