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Have you ever wanted to set a location for all the items in your shop but you didn't have a plugin? ItemTP is specially designed for use in shops! It lets you see a list of all your items, It lets you set a location, Delete a location, and reload the config for any new items! Along with of course letting you TP to one of the many items in your shop! Hope you enjoy! Happy Shopping! -Cyborgtwins

Also if you have any ideas on this plugin please PM me!


  • /itemtp [Name of item] - Allows you to TP to a item in your shop.
  • /itemlist - Allows you to see a list of all item's in your shop.
  • /items create|remove [Name of item] - Allows you to remove or create a item in your shop. Remember that the item location will be set the exact same as where you are.
  • /itemsreload - This reload the config in case anything has not loaded properly.
  • /iteminfo - Give you some info about the plugin.


  • The only thing kept in the config is the items you store.


  • The Plugin.yml holds just the usual things. Also it has permissions in there as well.

Welcome to release 1.0


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