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39,650 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.14

1.7 to 1.14.4 COMPATIBLE!

unlisted version are not officially supported/tested, but most likely compatible, since the written code is kind of future/past proof and unlikely to be changed from Spigot/Bukkit's side.

Full Support on SpigotMC. If you have any question, please contact me on SpigotMC. (Link)




If you want to help me to keep the plugin up to date, to maintain the updates server online, and maybe to buy a little hardware, feel free to donate!



  • Set a Hub (One for all worlds)
  • Set a Spawn (One for each world)
  • Teleport in a World!
  • Multi Language Support!
  • Set a Teleport Delay!
  • Customizable Prefix!
  • Lightweight!
  • Make Players chat on a World-Basis! (Per World Chat)
  • Set the default Join Gamemode!


  • Add the possibility to provide Custom Items!
  • Add a Tab with Players on every World!


  • /sethub: Sets the Hub.
  • /setspawn : Sets the Spawn of the current/another world.
  • /hub: Teleport to the Hub.
  • /spawn : Teleport to the Spawn of the current/another world.
  • /hubthat: Read information about the Plugin.
  • /hubthat help: Show help page.
  • /hubthat reload: Reload plugin config.
  • /worldtp : Teleport in a specific world.
  • /worldlist: List all the worlds.
  • /bed: Go to your Bed (only to 1.9)


  • hubthat.sethub: Allows to set the Hub
  • hubthat.setspawn: Allows to set the Spawn
  • hubthat.hub: Allows to teleport to the Hub
  • hubthat.spawn: Allows to teleport to the Spawn of the current world
  • hubthat.nospawndelay: Go to the Spawn without waiting
  • hubthat.nohubdelay: Go to the Hub without waiting
  • hubthat.gotoworld: Teleport to a specific world.
  • hubthat.listworlds: List all the worlds.
  • hubthat.updates: See if there is an update available.
  • hubthat.reloadconfig: Allow a player to reload the config. * hubthat.bed: Allows to teleport to your Bed (only to 1.9)
  • Allows to read information about the Plugin (only to 1.9)

This plugin connects to a secure website,, to check if updates are available. This is because Bukkit has disabled his feed page, which HubThat used to check updates on before. None of your data is saved on the website. Thanks!


Links: SpigotMC Link


4.5 (latest version!):

1.1/1.2 (old versions):

Screenshots: SetSpawn: World Spawn: World SetSpawn: End Spawn: End SetHub: End Hub: End /worldlist command /worldtp <world> command

If you have ideas about the plugin, or find bugs, do not hesitate to write me a pm. Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian. Thanks for the Support.

Download it on SpigotMC!


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