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May 7th, 2019


This description is outdated, stay tuned for a re-make.


Normally if you're sitting on a Horse, Mule, Donkey, Llama or Pig and you try to teleport anywhere, you get teleported and your animal gets left behind, meaning its bye bye animal. If you find losing your animal because you teleported without it annoying, then you have come to the right place.

So what is it this plugin actually does?

A lot of servers let players use commands like /home or /tp for example. These commands teleport the player to where ever. Especially on survival servers, players find horses (or other ridable animals), its just one of those things, but they probably find them really far away from their house and they can't get that animal home. With HorseTpWithMe all a player needs to do is sit on the animal and it will go home or teleport with them. Its as simple as that. All types of teleportation are supported.


The plugin will teleport any of these animals as long as they are tamed, although no saddle/carpet is required.

- Horses

- Mules

- Donkeys

- Special Horses (Un-dead, Skeleton, any other type horse I forgot)

- Pigs

- Llamas


Accessories are also supported (saddles, armour, chests, carpet etc..)


Simply put the HorseTpWithMe.jar into your servers plugins folder.

Make sure you restart your server after you install HorseTpWithMe.



RequireSaddle: When this is set to true, Horses/Donkeys will need a saddle to be teleported.


UsePermissions: When this is set to true, only players with permission can teleport animals.


DisabledWorlds: When the name of a specific world is on this list, animals will not be able to teleport into that world. The names on this list are CasE_SeNstIvE.


ClearChests: When this is true, the chest of a teleporting animal will be cleared if the animal is teleporting out of a DisabledWorld.


BlockedWorldMessage: This message is displayed to players when they try to teleport an animal into a DisabledWorld.


NoPermissionMessage: This is the message players will receive if they try to use any HorseTpWithMe Commands without permission.


You can use & or § to add colour to any of the messages.


If your config is missing any of these options, try deleting your config so a new one can be generated.


horsetpwithme.pig - If UsePermissions is set to True, players with this permission can teleport Pigs. - If UsePermissions is set to True, players with this permission can teleport Horses/Donkeys/Mules.


horsetpwithme.llama - If UsePermissions is set to True, players with this permission can teleport Llamas.


horsetpwithme.nosaddle - If RequireSaddle is set to True, players with this permission can teleport animals Without A Saddle.


horsetpwithme.worldbypass - Players with this permission can teleport animals into DisabledWorlds.


horsetpwithme.reload - Players with this permission can use the /htpreload command to reload the plugin and it's files.


/htpreload - Used to reload the plugin and all of it's files.

/toggleblock - Used to Block/Unblock Animal Teleportation for the GriefPrevention Claim or WorldGuard Region you are currently standing in.

Economy (Requires Vault)

If you would like to charge players money for Teleporting an Animal, you can enable it in the Economy.yml file. Everything is explained in the Economy.yml so I won't go into detail here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either here or on the Spigot Discussion Tab.

Block WorldGuard Regions or GriefPrevention Claims

If you want to prevent Animals from teleporting into specific WorldGuard Regions or GriefPrevention Claims (or both) then all you need to do is /toggleblock while standing in the desired claim/region and it will either be blocked or unblocked.




The SpigotMC Page for HorseTpWithMe is here


That's all for now. Thank you everyone.


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