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Its True HorseMaster is a plugin suggested by Dark_Serpent, it is a simple plugin which enhances the idea of players owning horses.

Config Help:


Vault Perms plugin compatible with vault Economy plugin compatible with vault

hmnoneget plugin help
hm createhm.createCreate a horse style/type
hm selectnoneSelect a horse!
hm summonhm.anticooldownSummon your horse!
hm listnoneList your horses
hm teleportnoneTeleport your current horse to you
hm returnnoneReturn your horse to the stables!
hm namenoneName your selected horse!
hm setownernoneChange your horses owner!!!


create a sign with [BuyHorse] at the top, the horse type on the second line, and the price on the third line, with the permission hm.makesign and you will have a sign ready to go!


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