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195,680 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.9-R0.2 Welcome to my SetHome plugin which allows you to set a homepoint or teleport you to your homepoint. You can edit almost everything at the config.yml. You can also change your name and your homepoint will still exist. This plugin is really easy to use and to edit. Feel free to write any suggested improvements for my plugin to me.


  1. Drag and Drop the SetHome.jar into your plugins Folder.
  2. Start your Server.
  3. Edit all what you want in the config.
  4. Ready!

Commands and Permissions:

/sethomehome.setAllows you to set your home
/homehome.useAllows you to go back to your home point


  • 1.0.0
    • First release

An example Configurationfile:

  • prefix: '&7[&6SetHome&7]'
  • delay-to-teleport: 3
  • no-permission-message: '&4Sorry but you are not allowed to use this command!'
  • message-when-moved-while-teleport: '&4Sorry but you moved during the teleport!'
  • message-when-already-typed-home: '&4Sorry but you have already typed /home!'
  • message-when-executes-home-but-no-home-has-been-set: '&4Sorry but you haven''t set your home yet! Type /sethome to set your home!'
  • message-when-executes-home: '&7You will be teleorted in 3 seconds. Do not move until you have been teleported!'
  • message-when-player-teleported-to-home: '&aYou are back at your home.'
  • message-when-player-set-home: '&aYou have set your home. Type /home to get back to your home'
  • message-when-too-much-arguments-at-command: '&4Too much arguments!'
  • 67634684-ac0e-4b26-b004-2ae5efd13acb:
    • world: world
    • yaw: -186.1953125
    • pitch: 31.671310424804688
    • x: -31.942435775830013
    • y: 128.0
    • z: 133.30000001192084


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