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This is a nice and simple plugin which lets people with specific permission send gifts to other players. The thing that is different about this one, is that normal players could be allowed to use it too! The items that get sent are chosen from a player's inventory and put into a special 'Gift' inventory. Upon closing that inventory, the gift is sent. The receiver can then open this inventory and take the items they like out.

There are 2 commands:

  • /gift - This opens a gift that you have received.
  • /giftto <player> - This allows you to send a gift to <player>.

The only permission currently is:

  • gift.send - This allows a gift to be sent.

/giftto supports friendly names, so you don't have to type the entire name, only the beginning.

All damage, enchantments, etc. are all maintained while sending gifts, so there's no free fixing of tools, removing enchantments or anything like that.

Admins can always use creative mode to get the items to gift, if they want send free gifts to players.


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