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This plugin will generate a heap dump of the server process in the root directory with the specified filename.

Heap dumps are useful to analyse where memory is being used and to find the source of memory leaks.

Many shared hosting minecraft server administration panels such as Multicraft and McMyAdmin don't let you generate a heap dump via command line to analyse for memory leaks, so I thought I'd make this plugin to make it easier and more feasible to generate heap dumps.

/dumpheap <filename>
Creates a heap dump of the server's used memory with the specified file name in the server's root directory. It will be saved with the .hprof extension.

Displays the server's root directory where the heap dump will be saved.

heapdump.dumpheap - Permission for /dumpheap
heapdump.dumpdir - Permission for /dumpdir

Permissions default to OP only.


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