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This is a plugin that the HappyDiggers community will be using on their lobby server.

HappyGuilds is a plugin that allows the server owner to create guild plots (using WorldGuard regions) that the players will claim for a guild. Those plots are sold as defined in the config.yml file and are a protected building region for the owning guild. The owner of the guild may then invite other players to join in the guild and build in the plot.

This plugin already has a lot of built in features that are usable by various communities, so that is the purpose of releasing it publicly.


  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • Vault
  • Database


This mod already includes various features:

  • Guild creation
  • Guild land protection
  • Guild management (promote/demote)
  • Chat formatting

Upcoming features on Features page.


/guild - used to access the various guild commands. As of now:

  • list (list the guilds on the server)
  • info (prints all information about the guild)
  • here (list info of the guild that owns the plot the player is standing in)
  • create (buys plot of land, and assigns player to owner)
  • invite (which also asks player to /accept or /decline)
  • leave (allows the player to leave the guild, prevents owners from leaving unless another owner)
  • promote (promote player to rank defined by config [guild owner only])
  • demote (demote player to rank defined by config [guild owner only])
  • remove (removes guild [guild owner only])

Lots of things to come though!


happyguilds.guild - allows all guild commands


This plugin requires a database. The database info may be configured in the plugins/HappyGuilds/config.yml file generated on the first run of the plugin. The other config elements are still experimental. Most land cost nodes are used to calculate the cost of the land purchased by the user.


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